Saturday, March 6, 2010

We have had Kitten one year. She looks happy now, doesn't she? We have enjoyed giving her a safe place to live.
The man who wanted to kick her to the curb when she was damaged is now her best friend.
She got to spend one night with her rescuer because he crashed at my house when he was sick
And didn't she look the poor skinny waif when she came here? This picture was after her surgery, and she had been eating like the starving kitten she was for two weeks already. Notice the lack of silky hair and the emaciated belly.
Happy one year anniversary darling love-bug.


Anonymous said...

Oh Karmen! God bless you for caring for her and restoring her to health! I just lost my dear hounddog Jake Boy who died Feb 15 after lots of suffering and old age. He was my rescue 14 years ago along the side of a highway, and I tried for 2 months to locate someone missing this little puppy. Finally adopted him offically through the county and he was mine! I'm going to post his picture on my blog tonight. Your Sweet Kitty!

Cocò (daddysneatness) said...

oh that sweet cat!!!! Love it!


Feeling Artsy said...

OMG! This totally made me cry! You're an awesome, awesome person to see past something like a sick eye and take this kitty in and love her and treat her like she's whole, which she is:)