Saturday, July 19, 2008

And Me: Karmen Sunshine (Thomas)

Chik-fil-a was giving away food to cow-attired persons. I couldn't resist. I also had a spot covered box for a body and a tail with fringe.

My Mother: Linda Brannock

Sampler Project

The blocks for this sampler were pieced in 1984 when I had two small sons (Eron & Andy). I intended to make 16 blocks, and finish them into twin bed quilts for their room. Well, I lost track of time, and another baby boy (Adam) came along, so I was too busy for much quilting and switched, for a time, to counted cross stitch. I thought these old projects were lost, but I found them recently, so I am picking up where I left off. I didn't have any of the original fabric left, but I found a green that almost matched the old green print of the block borders. I couldn't find a green dot like the background of the blocks, so I found a tiny green print (looks white in the photo), and I found the blue batik to finish the borders.

Things I am working on:

These items are projects I began in the 1980's when my boys (Eron-04/18/80, Andy-12/07/84, Adam-4/01/88) were small. We are talking diapers, etc. I stayed at home with them, and the formal dining room was our toy and sewing room. I took sewing projects with me everywhere we went from soccer to karate. Now that I am 50, I wish to complete these projects. It is somewhat difficult to have the time, since I work now, but retirement is a mere 9 1/2 years away. I hope my fingers hold out.

My Great Grandmother, Mae Stella Irvin's Quilt Top

I am looking for a background fabric for this Log Cabin quilt, so I may finish it. My Great Grandmother left us two, and this is the bigger pattern. I am thinking of "Patriotic Toile," but it may be too blue. JoAnn's has a mulitcolored star pattern on white that may be more appropriate. I am open to ideas. Heirloom Quilting says you should not use a background any darker than the lightest color on the front, and that is my primary limitation.