Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Tea Party" Completed

Yesterday, Saturday, I got straight to work finishing the small quilt (50 inches square) I am donating to Gwinnett Tech for the Charity Auction. Bidding opens on November 4, so I had to get it done. I went to my sewing room right after breakfast while still in my flannel pajamas. I celebrated the completion of "Tea Party" at midnight by brushing my teeth and changing pajamas to get back in bed. I'd forgotten how long it takes to hand-stitch the bias binding down!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Sewing Room

I changed my sewing room around. After the workshops at the Georgia Quilt Show, I realized that I wasn't comfortable in my room, so I raised my machine table and relocated the two utility tables to support the fabric as I send it through the machine. There is a chair waiting for you to come visit!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day Three is the Best!

Guess who I spent the day with? At the last minute, I added Sue Spargo's Michelle Pillow class to my schedule. We sure worked all day, and I can't say I am overly fond of needle-turn applique, but man I sure like wool and embellishments! Sue is a really nice person, talented instructor, and fabulous artist. I hate to think what I would miss out on in life if I hadn't decided to change classes! Take a look at her website:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Georgia Quilt Show: Day Two

Free motion machine quilting is much more arduous than I thought. The woman who sat next to me had a long-arm machine at home, and she said it it much easier to quilt on that. It was her second time taking the Machine 101 class. We used Baby Lock machines. I have never used a computerized machine before, so that was fun. Four hours of machine quilting at a short-arm machine was not fun. The class started with talking about wine, then mixed drinks, misusing prescription drugs and, finally, just plain using drugs all together. I decided I like in-the-ditch and straight line stitching with my walking foot a LOT!

I found some cute cowgirl fabric.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nature Picture for Aunt Katie

As I was walking out of the Gwinnett Civic Center, I saw these beautiful purple "things." I don't know what kind of plant it is, but they are all over the Civic Center grounds. Aunt Katie always posts good nature photos on her blog, so I thought I'd post one. Tomorrow, if I am not too tired, I will ask the name of the plant.

Georgia Quilt Show

I took my first class at the Quilt Show today. I had to add the class this morning, and somehow, between registering last month, and this morning, I forgot about class fees. I thought I could just pay the supply fee and add the class to my schedule. Oops! So the class was over $100, but it was worth it. We started out with two plain 16 inch squares, did a whole bunch of sewing and cutting; like magic, 5 hours later, I had one finished 16 inch square (see the "flower power" picture). Okay, it probably took me 30 minutes to figure out how to manipulate the fabric, rulers and rotary cutter to make the original plain squares we started with. Feeling brave when I finished the one square, I purchased Kim Montagnese's "Sun" pattern so I can make something for one of the boys later.
I saw the beautiful cotton bathrobes, and I just had to have one. The raspberry sherbet color is fabulous, don't you think?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Adam Picked Up Dubs

We watched Adam's dog, Dubsley, for the weekend. My three little white babies refer to Dubs as the "big brown monster." Dubsley was not a bad dog, but he has some really bad habits: like growling at you when you put food in his dish, like sneering and growling when you rub his ears. I don't get him, but he was not too much trouble. Other than biting AC and peeing on two things he shouldn't have. We cured that by removing anything we didn't want peed on (dog beds, etc), confining him to the kitchen and patio, and keeping AC away. Adam is going to help me with my dogs on Wednesday. Wednesday I have to be at work at 9, and then at 7 I am attending the lecture "Why We Quilt" by Marianne Fons at the Civic Center. I may not be back until after 9, so it will be a very long day.

Samurai Squares Top Finished

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I treated myself to a trip to the discount fabric store I passed by in Snellville. I have to say I was disappointed. They did not identify fabric content on the bolts. Nevertheless, I was able to purchase some inexpensive muslin, and I ran across to-die-for prequilted remnants. I am not sure what I will do with them. I wish I could have my sofa re-covered in them, but perhaps a jacket or tote bag? Also, they had bins of nickel-each buttons. Geez, you guessed it, I have inherited my mother's craz-o button collecting gene. She tells me all of hers are "vintage." Well, perhaps it depends on the definition of vintage. I'm pretty sure anything up through the 70s is "vintage" now. I didn't know I was being obsessive (excessive?) until I couldn't walk away from the bin with just the few large pink buttons. The more I sorted buttons, the more I fell in love with them. Did you know that running your hands through a bunch of loose buttons sounds the same as running your hands through a collection of sea shells? I doubt the fact will help you win Jeopardy. Two hundred buttons later discipline kicked in. Thank goodness! I might still be there!

I remember Mom & Dad'ns farm. Before I could read, I had two options for indoor activities: trace the flower pattern on the carpet with my finger, or play with the button tin. Perhaps many generations of family members have been content to sort and organize buttons in their preschool years, and the gene grew stronger and stronger. I don't know what Darwinian purpose you can make of it, but there it is.