Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Have a Kitty

Here is our kitty today: happy and healthy! Here she is in an after-surgery pose:
And here is how someone left her at an apartment complex. She was found near a dumpster.
And here is her story with us so far:
My son, Andy, brought this little starving kitty home. She was in bad shape with an injured eye. The vet spayed her, gave her her shots and removed the ruptured eyeball. I bet she has tripled her weight in the last month. I should probably switch from the kitten food to the adult food. I call her "Kitty," Andy calls her "Wren," and AC calls her "Pyewacket." She is a delightful, loving not-so-little-anymore kitty, but I feel guilty that she has to be in the front of the house without me because of the dogs. She HATES dogs.