Friday, December 26, 2008

Funky Flower Quilt

It is always good to do a little hand applique. I found this in one of the drawers I emptied yesterday when I was trying to locate some now forgotten item, so I put in the finishing stitches. It is one of the three flowers mom and I worked on last summer. With my frantic search, and subsequent drawer emptying, my office got re-organized. I put a lot of my larger pieces of fabric on pants hangers in the closet (in the other office). I guess I should call MY office a sewing room, but it really feels like an office to me. My office laptop does not have reliable internet, nor does it have a DVD viewer, so I have to go to the other office to use the "real" computer. I only print pictures on MY computer. I bet it sounds like I have a large house. NO, not really. I am basement deprived and everything gets split up into different bedrooms and closets. I don't recommend it. If you can score a basement, go for it. Or like my mother; just have your husband build you your own retreat....

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