Monday, October 13, 2008

Adam Picked Up Dubs

We watched Adam's dog, Dubsley, for the weekend. My three little white babies refer to Dubs as the "big brown monster." Dubsley was not a bad dog, but he has some really bad habits: like growling at you when you put food in his dish, like sneering and growling when you rub his ears. I don't get him, but he was not too much trouble. Other than biting AC and peeing on two things he shouldn't have. We cured that by removing anything we didn't want peed on (dog beds, etc), confining him to the kitchen and patio, and keeping AC away. Adam is going to help me with my dogs on Wednesday. Wednesday I have to be at work at 9, and then at 7 I am attending the lecture "Why We Quilt" by Marianne Fons at the Civic Center. I may not be back until after 9, so it will be a very long day.

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