Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Austin Allen is Here

I stitched the binding onto the baby quilt I made for Gregory Allen's new baby boy. Mr. Allen is an esteemed member of Gwinnett Tech's math faculty and he and his wife welcomed their baby boy into the world on Monday, September 1. The little tyke (Austin) was a bit early prompting me to put on a quick-quilt thinking cap. I started with one design, but didn't purchase enough of the blue and yellow solids, so it morphed into another design of my own making.

I used variegated quilting thread on the top and back of the quilt, since Theoan, at the Atlanta Unity Quilter's group meeting on Sunday, suggested not using clear thread on the top (like I had been doing on other projects). She told me that since baby quilts get lots of washing and drying, the clear thread gets brittle and breaks. I hadn't thought about that, so I am really glad she told me.

I share my sewing "space" with my own son's pet snake. Atom (aka Adam) moved into Atlanta leaving me his precious "Snaky" the California King snake. Snaky and I have become friends, since he doesn't require a lot of food; just one "fuzzy" mouse on Sunday, and he's good.

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