Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Have Finished Andy's Baby Quilt!

Yea for me! I finally finished Andy's baby quilt. He (Andy) reminds me that it won't be all that useful to him, since he is now 6'3" and 250 pounds. Nevertheless, we must celebrate our finished projects! I considered entering the quilt in a contest. The only convenient one I could find was the Gwinnett County Fair. There is even a cash prize with the ribbon for placing. Along with first you get $7. and second gets $5. At the bottom of the entry form it states "Do not send anything of significant value." Well, I consider a finished quilt, that I have hauled around for 24 years unfinished, to be of significant value; certainly more than $7., so I discarded the idea of entering. I will post the picture when I get it taken on Friday.

Crit (my husband), Jessica (Andy's fiancee) and I had a big day shopping yesterday. We went to Atlantic Station where we visited the H & M store. Lots of really great clothes at really great prices for really skinny young people. Crit and I both tried on size "large" zip-front sweat shirts. Crit thought the men's would be too big for him, but neither one of us could get the zippers to meet in the middle. What a downer!

What to do when you are reminded that you are old and fat? EAT, of course, so we went to the Flying Biscuit Cafe for lunch. I had the BLT salad. It was wonderful! We then proceeded to the Delaware River Trading Company. I was looking for a straw bag with leather handles like the one Andrea Stanfield (English instructor at Gwinnett Tech) carries. I was disappointed. They didn't have any.

SO THEN, we went to Intown Quilts. I bought new fabric; most notable is a yellow and hot pink vegetable print that I LOVE. I still have all the cowboy fabrics from my trip to Kansas City, and a purple and green collection from the Duluth shop's closing. I don't know what or when the urge to start projects from these collections of fabric will hit, but I am ready!